Our Resource Person
Kaiser Habib


Kaiser Habib

Executive Director, School of Excellence


✓ 8 years of experience in E-commerce consultancy, startup business development, skill development training, financial analysis & technology development, Soft and Hard Services as well as Client Servicing in Bangladesh.

✓ Responsible for developing and improving new business, deeply involved in strategic planning, helping operations team in resolving their issues related to projects & sites.

✓ Have successfully & efficiently handled Management works which include training design, development, and negotiation with contractors and suppliers, Asset and financial management.

✓ Proven ability of delivering quality training, HR management and business planning.

✓ Adept in handling all types of training projects & digital business development.

✓ Adept at implementing quality parameters to the companies abiding standard and international guidelines; deft at maintaining client/customer or employee satisfaction.

✓ Invested in several startup companies & E-commerce in last 5 years

✓ Possess excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical, problem solving, communication and team building skills, with the ability to lead a team.



Business Development, HR Training & Operational Management

✓ Responsible for overall management of the infustructure of the company with standard management activities including finance & marketing services, negotiating with the contractors & vendors, managing HR for prompt delivery of quality service to the clients

✓ Customer and Quality focus

✓ Ensuring high quality services, resulting in customer delight &optimum resource utilization for maximum service quality

✓ Delivering high-value services to upscale clients for exalting their satisfaction levels; training and motivating the front line staff to deliver 100% client/customer satisfaction

✓ Identifying & imparting appropriate training, service excellence and teamwork as well as supporting service staff so as to attain service excellence & teamwork and regarding varied cultural, lingual & professional backgrounds

✓ Training supervisors in the necessary skills to perform their duties with the maximum efficiency

✓ Adept to work closely with management in planning, managing, and running all the departments with efficiency to control the hidden and unnecessary expenses

✓ Inspecting the departmental works and other related areas on regular basis to ensure that the quality of service provided by employees

✓ Possess excellent knowledge of soft skills to the company employees based on the client/customers/employees categories and designations as per company policies.

✓ Having deep knowledge in All types marketing process

✓ Ability to finish all types of projects on time.

✓ Overseeing the quality of the employee guidelines of management approved budget, and with the accountability of planning, managing, and running the department with the vision to provide high level of services.

✓ Undertaking inspection of skill development, HR training, marketing procedure & business