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Sumaiya Binte Atique


Sumaiya Binte Atique

Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, Talent Management Officer and HR Project Coordinator

Sumaiya’s training career span over more than 2 years, she started her career in 2016 as Officer- Recruitment and Training at Rahimafrooz Superstores Limited. Since then she has been conducting induction session for new joiners, Rahimafrooz (RA) Values training, I and 10 Awareness session (a customized training developed especially for Rahimafrooz Group to enhance personal and professional development), followed by I and 10 Community Building Session, which help develop better team and enhance team performance.

In October, 2016, she has been nominated by Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. honorable Chairman Mr. Niaz Rahim to participate in Agora Aaponjon Playshop (a flagship training of Agora for customer service, personal and professional development along with professional grooming) which was conducted Mr. Ranjan De Silva, and also received Training for Trainers (TOT) from him. After that she become a full phase Trainer of ‘Agora Aaponjon Playshop’.

Later that year, she also takes part in “Mastery of Self through Neuro Lingusitic Programming”, and received a ‘Star’ in her certificate for being one of the brightest participants of that training and later facilitated two “Mastery of Self” training with Mr. Ranjan De Silva, not only that she also participated in “Emotional Intelligence” training and received certificate from Sensei International Limited.

She developed two training modules on behalf of the then CEO of Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. Mr. Christophe Echivard – Professioanl Grooming and Corporate Etiquette and Motivational Leadership and Team Building, which was highly appreciated by the CEO.

In 2017 she conducted 3 sessions of “Agora Aaponjon Playshop”, where Head of HR, Manager-Operations, Manager-Corporate Affairs, along with Store Managers of Agora participated. Seeing her training skills, Head of HR highly appreciated her and in August, 2017 her job has been enlarged and she was assigned to look after one of the new initiatives of Agora “Employee Engagement” along with Organizational Development responsibilities. Thus, she started take care of engagement programs like – annual sports,

International Women’s Day Celebration, Pohela Boishak Celebration and Eid Reunion.

Not only that she designed and developed the “Meet The CEO” program, where CEO meet the bottom line employees and it is platform where top management and bottom line share business idea, insight, improvement areas and come up with a meaningful solution. The same year, Agora took an initiative to launch first ever e-newsletter naming “Amader Agora”, for its employees and stakeholders and she is the one who planned and designed the entire e-newsletter, and also, she is the co-editor and publisher of that newsletter.

As part of her organizational and development responsibility she started to update the organogram of different departments of Agora, started to design Job description of new roles as per Hay Method, updated process and policy, and designed several HR forms, even the current job circular advertisement has been solely designed by her. Seeing her creativity, she was assigned to develop three training modules for Agora – Effective Communication, Leadership Training for People Managers and Situational Leadership. Not only that she also designed assessment center for Agora which is successfully rolling out, she also designed several behavioral tests like – MBTI test, Big 5 Personality Test and Locus of Control Test.

In the end of 2017, her role was further enhanced and she was asked to take care of “Talent Management”, sub-function of HR, and the management and critical level recruitment has been handed over to her, and now she successfully recruited – new CFO of Agora, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Specialist, Customer Service Analyst, Loyalty Marketing and Partnership Specialist, Executive- SAP BI & PI, Officer-Master Data, Senior Officer- Commercial (Non-Food) etc. She also started to create Employer Branding for Agora and participated in “AIUB Career Fair”.

Later she was also invited to assist in few important HR projects including – Career Development Framework, 360-degree appraisal survey, and Review Organizational Structure. She was also assigned to design – DCV QFC Championship Award, Long Service Award and Employee of the Month.

Recently she has become Certified Practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment (GLA 360) from Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching.



Sumaiya holds MBA major in Marketing and minor in Leadership from East West University, she received a scholarship from East West University in her MBA program because of her excellent result in BBA and 16 of her courses were waived by the University. She also completed her BBA from East West University with dual major in Human Resource Management and Marketing. She completed her HSC from Dhaka City College and SSC from YWCA Girls’ High School with GPA 5 and Government Scholarship for her result.

Three of her write-ups published in renowned Bangladeshi English Newspaper Financial Express and the name of her write-ups are – Making Service Marketing Attractive (published on November 17, 2012), Gender Discrimination at Workplace (published on October 10, 2012) and Self Service Is It Really a fashion? (published on October 2, 2012). Now she has her own blog and also write on LinkedIn publishing.


Trainings Conducted by Sumaiya:


  1. Agora Aaponjon Playshop – a flagship training for customer service, professional grooming and development and personal development
  2. I and 10 Awareness Session – a customized training developed for Rahimafrooz Group where along with Steven R. Covey’s 7 principal of highly effective people three other principal included to develop professional and personal growth
  3. I and 10 Community Building Session- enhanced version of I and 10 Awareness session, where teams are developed, a community is built so that team members have good bonding and understanding among each other and can develop by eliminating their bad
  4. RA Values Session- where employees of Rahimafrooz were trained to live by Rahimafrooz
  5. Effective Communication- a training designed to enhance communication skills, here NLP tools like VAK modalities, pacing and leading, rapport building along Thomas Keelman conflict mode, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Intelligence has been taught to develop better communication skill.
  6. Leadership Training for People Manager – developing manager effectiveness, how to lead a team, coaching techniques, leadership skills, team building, giving and receiving feedback, how to handle dysfunctional team member etc. are taught so that new managers can handle their team with good leadership
  7. Situational Leadership -topics covered in this training are benefits of situational leadership, managers challenge, SL II model full understanding and how to use it etc.