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Naijur Rahman


Naijur Rahman

Efficiency & Productivity Consultant| Lean Six Sigma Practitioner & Guide | Corporate Trainer| Motivational Speaker

Naijur Rahman is a Seasoned Professional Consultant and one of the Known Trainer in recent age in the field of Lean Six Sigma, Efficiency Improvement, Business Process Improvement, Productivity Improvement, Soft Skill Development, People Management, Motivational and Personal Excellence.

As the Lead Trainer of Consultant at Intertek Academy Naijur has trained up thousands of people of different level from different walk of life including very Senior Executives of Different Manufacturing Plants and Business Process with a consistent NPS score of 9.80 out of 10 graded by his participants. His Total Training delivery hour is approximately 6000+ hour 

Naijur is having educational background in Business (MBA) and has earned PGDPM.  He served the position as Head of Operational Excellence, Facilities & Services and Procurement Division of Intertek, years of job experience he has worked on very senior position for renowned National and International Organizations like- Team Group, Gemcon Group, Kallol Group, Shakti Foundation etc. 

Naijur has undergone Extensive Training locally and internationally on Lean Management, Six Sigma, Efficiency and Productivity Improvement, Leadership & People Management, Human Psychology, Reprograming of Habits, Cultural Transformation, Continuous Improvement Tools, etc. He is a Lean Six Sigma White and Green Belt Holder and Certified Lean Practitioner and Lean Guide. 

He is engaged with Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) and Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) as Adjunct Faculty and a Fellow Member of Bangladesh Organization for Learning and Development (BOLD) and Bangladesh Society for Apparel Human Resources Professionals (BSHARP)