Course Outline:

Module-1 :  Digital Graphics (software/device-Adobe Photoshop)

Basic Knowledge Of Digital Graphics; To know the tool palette; Working With Basic Selections; Computer Art; Getting started with Layers; Working with Multiple Images, Rulers, and Guides and Girds, Adjusting color with the new Adjustment Panel; Image manipulation; Photoshop Splatter/dispersion photo manipulation; Photo Retouching; Introduction to color correction; Creating and Working different type of Brush; Using quick mask Mode; Working with the pen tool; Creating special effects; Advanced photo Filter; Use and Customize Filter Gallery.

Module-2 : Digital Arts (software/device-Adobe Illustrator)

Computer Art; Drawing the Key tool: Working with Shapes and Objects; Drawing and Transformation Objects; Drawing and painting; Working with Color; Gradients, Pattern Fills, and Blends; points and Paths; Branding and Product Design; illustrator Effects; Symbols; Illustration.

Module-3 : 2D Animation (software/device-Adobe Professional Flash)

Animation Fundamentals; Animation Principles; Using the Primitive Tools; Drawing with Pen, Pencil, and Line Tools; Working With Graphics; Creating and Editing Symbols; Character Design; Timeline Basics; Getting Started with Motion Presets; Creation a Motion Tween; Animation Layout; Advance 2D Animation; Introducing Action Script; Using Sound And Video; Overview Of Flash Publish Settings.

Module-4 : 3D Model Design And Animation (software/device-3Ds Max)

Setting the Project Folder; Basic Modeling Techniques; Modeling from 2D Objects; Use Geometry And Shape; Character and Product Design; Command  Panel use; Introduction to Materials; Mapping Coordinates and Scale; Specialization Elective 3D (Modeling and Texturing/lighting and Camera); Animation Layout; Animation And Render.

Module-5 : Video Editing (software/device- Adobe Premiere Pro)

Video editing Basic; Import media into Premiere Pro and Organize; Use the Timeline for Video and audio tracks; Create sequences and nested sequences; Create and work with Key frames; Use the color-correction tools; Stop Motion Animation; Effects and Transition; Add text, shapes, and logos to your project; Rendering.

Module-6 : Sound Editing (software/device- Adobe Audition)

Importing and Recording Audio; Audio Editing; Audio Restoration and Noise reduction; Music and Sound Effects; Waveform and Multitrack Editors; Working With Loops and Markers; Separate background music and Vocal; Output Formats.

Module-7 : Visual Effects (software/device- Adobe After Effects)

The basics of creating projects, compositions, and layers, Importing footage, including video, audio, and still images; Composition and Visual effects; Creating  animation for shapes, objects, and layers ;Motion Graphics; Adding and animating text; Drawing and Animation shapes; Environment Simulation/Effect Simulation; Creating and using masks and track mattes. Working in 3D; Advance Production Tools and Technique.

Module-8 : Page makeup for publishing (software/device- Adobe In-Design and QuarkXPress)

Creating and Viewing Documents; Understanding Your Workspace; Working with Type and Graphics; Formatting objects; Working with color, Managing and Transforming Objects; Character and Paragraph Formatting; Points and Paths; Using Styles; Tables; packaging and Printing.

Module-9 : Photography(software/device-Digital Camera)

Camera Controls; Photography Fundamentals; Exposure, Black and White Conversion, Intro to Lighting; Composition tips, and Shooting at Night, Photography and Contemporary Art; Still Photography.

Module-10 : Concept and technique of Film Making (practical with Digital Camera)

Brief history of Film Making; Plot/Script Writing; Shot Division; Dialog writing; Music; Shooting; Editing.

3D Animation & Film Making

3D Animation & Film Making

3D Animation & Film Making

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