Microsoft Excel - Macro & VBA Fundamental

Microsoft Excel - Macro & VBA Fundamental

Overview of this Training:

Microsoft Excel is the most essential and powerful application of Microsoft Office package. It is widely used for data recording, summarizing, interactive reporting, various types of critical data analysis and automated program implementation in Excel using VBA & Macro. Sometimes you may struggle and kill huge times to do your daily excel works to fulfill your management’s requirements. If you are aware about the capability of Excel’s most productive tools, techniques and features, you can save huge times professionally.

This professional training will help you to build macro enabled Excel workbook. You will learn how to write MACRO & VBA script/code without having any prior programming knowledge to automate your action that will work for you.

Objective of this Training:

The whole day we will do a lot of project-based MACRO and VBA workings taking most using essential coding so that your MACRO and VBA fear is disappeared. After completion this training, you will be able to record macro, write VBA script, change script in VBE window and assign the action with button or objects and you can work MACRO and VBA related work independently. Then you will show the magic of automation. You will also learn the techniques to write VBA script without having any programming knowledge. Your daily excel work will be easier and you will be interested to learn the next step.

Learning Methodologie

  • Working with trainer’s predesigned working data
  • Completely practical, interactive and participative
  • Training booklet that will be interactively connected with working data
  • Problem solving and Brainstorming
  • Open discussion (Q & A session of any Excel problem)

Who Should Attend?

Regular Excel users having basic Excel Knowledge and want to enhance their Excel productivity through VBA and MACRO, and want to gather knowledge to build Excel based automation.

Training Contents

  • Start Working with Macros and VBA
    • What is Macro and VBA?
    • Difference between Macro and VBA
    • Excel file preparation for starting VBA and Macro
    • Creating your first macro without having any programming knowledge
    • Running the recorded macro using shortcut key
    • Running the recorded macro using button or objects
    • Running the recorded macro with opening this workbook
    • Saving process of the Macro/VBA Enabled Excel Workbook
  • Various Visual Basic Concepts and Environments
    • The Project Explorer
    • Properties
    • Object Viewer
    • Declaring Object Variables
    • Assigning Objects to variables
    • Function and UDF
  • Visual Basic Editor (VBE) – Change the VBA Script
    • Working with the Visual Basic Editor Window
    • Recognize the multiple projects for multiple workbooks
    • Learn various method of code for Excel
    • Writing VBA code in VBE window
    • Understand how macro read the script and how it works
    • Use comment in your script
  • Variables
    • Understanding and Declaring Variables
    • Using Variables
    • Watching Variables
  • Modules, Function, Subroutine and Execution
    • Creating Modules and code shifting to another module
    • Difference between Subroutines and Functions
    • Writing a Subroutine and Function
    • Calling function and execution by Subroutine
  • Event and Execution
    • Various events in Excel VBE (Click, change..)
    • Event settings behind the objects
  • Using UserForm in Excel
    • Creating a new UserForm in Excel
    • Inserting form controls on the UserForm
    • Changing property of the UserForm
    • Writing code behind the UserForm
    • Opening the form from Excel sheet
    • Data entry process using the User Form
  • Using Various Form Controls
    • Inserting form controls
    • Use of Button, Label, Text Box, Combo Box, Option Button
    • Changing properties of the form controls
    • Source value loading in the Combo Box / Drop-down
    • Writing code behind the form controls
  • MessageBox (MsgBox) and InputBox
    • Showing MsgBox
    • InutBox and its activities
  • Macro Security and Trust Center Settings
    • Awareness of using Macro Enabled Workbook
    • Manage Macro security
    • Trust Center Settings
  • User Defined Function (UDF)
    • Creating and execution a new custom UDF
  • Consolidation of the Program and Open Discussion
Md. Nazmul Muneer

Md. Nazmul Muneer

Excel Automation Expert & Professional Trainer

Md. Nazmul Muneer is one of the key contributors in the Accounts & Finance department of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with 10 years job experience and has previous work experience in Energypac Power Generation Ltd. Mr. Muneer also works as a freelance Excel automation consultant and Facilitator. In the last few years he has conducted more than 100 professional Excel training programs and educated in Excel more than 2,000 participants through effective training.


He is a regular Excel Facilitator of some leading professional training institutes in Bangladesh and also conducted many special training programs in different organizations and Universities.


He has also been providing Excel based consultation and technical services to different companies in the UK, USA and Australia on Excel Automation and developed more than 35 projects, helping them to create new processes, reports and streamlines those are already in live environment.


He is expertise in developing automated formula based Excel dashboard, VBA/Macro based Excel application, strategic business model, various problem solving calculators, integration between Excel and other databases, What-if Analysis model, data analysis dashboard using Business Intelligence (BI) tools, KPI automation etc.


Mr. Muneer has obtained educational experience in two different disciplines. He is a post graduate in Accounting and has a Diploma in Professional Software Engineering. These have enabled him to acquire vast IT knowledge on developing Database Software, Advanced Excel with VBA, Access with programming, VB, SQL server, Crystal report, IBM AS/400, ORACLE E-Business Suit as well as various accounting packages.

October 08, 2019
09:30 am - 05:30 pm
1 Day
Reg. Before
November 5, 2019
To Be Confirmed
NRB Jobs Training reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.
Per Perticipant
BDT 3,500/- 

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