Overview of this training:

Finance for Non-finance Managers is a Two-day workshop for the managers and senior level executives of non-finance background for their development in the financial area. Managers of different divisions such as (marketing and sales, human resource, MIS, research and development etc) of an organization are closely related to the finance division. Non-finance Managers decision affect the overall financial performance of an organization. This course has been designed in such a way as if non-financial people get an exposure to improve the financial performance of the organization.

Objective of this training:

After completing ‘Finance for Non-finance Managers’ course the participant will

  • Be confident about concept and different Terms of finance & accounting.
  • Know about financial statements and business performance.
  • Evaluate the Capital Investment decision which helps in financial decision making.
  • Be able to raise capital of an organization from the financial market.
  • Understand the importance of Cash flow and cash management.
  • Be able to determine break-even analyses for management decision.
  • Be able to know about inventory management and auditing

Learning Methodologies

Lectures, Power point presentations, Group discussions, Case Studies, Games

Who should attend?

  • Managers and senior level executives of various department of an organization are related to the finance department for development of their financial knowledge.
  • Engineers, business owners and entrepreneurs involved in investments and financial decision making.
  • Fresh graduates of any discipline can take part in this training session to prepare them for their up-coming professional life.

TRAINING CONTENT                                        

Day- One


Introduction to Finance in Business

  • Concept and Theory of Finance
  • Finance Vs Accounting
  • Finance & related areas
  • Types of Finance
  • Functions of finance
  • Goals of Finance


Accounting & Finance Terminology

  • Asset, Liabilities, Debt, Shareholder’s Equity
  • Account Receivable, Accounts Payable Revenue, Expenditure
  • Book Value, Market Value, Residual value
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet,
  • Liquidity, leverage, Non-Cash items, Financial Regulatory Bodies.
  • Agency relationship, Agency problem, Agency cost.


Basics of Accounting and Financial Statements

  • Understanding of accounting system
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Why accrual accounting
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparation of cash flow Statements
  • Games on Financial statement.


Financial Statement Analyses of an Organization

  • Analysing of financial statement to business performance.
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Games on Financial statement.

Day- Two


Investment Decision Making

  • Concept of Time value of money
  • Concept of future value and compounding
  • Concept of present value and discounting
  • Techniques of capital budgeting
  • Exercise on Investment decisions


Financial Decision-Making

Long-Term Financing Decisions  

  • Raising of Capital in the corporation
  • Capital budgeting decision

Short Term Financing Decision

  • Concept of working capital management
  • Sources of short term financing
  • Inventory management method


Financial Market Overview:

Capital market, Stock valuation, Risk & Return

Capital Market

  • Understanding of capital market

Stock valuation

  • Understanding of common stock valuation

Risk and Return:

  • Returns, percentage returns, Risk free rate, Risk premium, Risk statistics,Types of risk


Management Accounting & Auditing

  • Concept of Management Accounting
  • Cost Volume Profit analyses
  • Concept of Internal Audit and External Audit
  • How to deal with the auditors
Munir Chowdhury

Munir Chowdhury

Finance Management Consultant & Professional Trainer

Mr. Munir Chowdhury is an Academician and Management Consultant. He works as an adjunct faculty member of University of Development Alternative (UODA) and Daffodil International University (DIU). He worked as a National Consultant of National Agriculture Technology Project (NATP-1), a project of World Bank and IDA on financial management capacity assessment of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council (BARC) and National Agriculture Research System (NARS) institutes in all over Bangladesh. He was as an Academic Consultant of Ranada Prasad Shaha University, a project of Kumudini Welfare Trust Bengal Ltd. 

He is also a professional trainer. He has conducted so many training programs in different corporate house and training institute like prothom –alojobs, IPDP. Apart from his Masters in Accounting from Dhaka University, He obtained MBA with finance major from the Dhaka University. He started his career as Course Co-ordinator of Bangladesh Open University. Then he joined in a multinational organization, Duncan Brothers  (Bangladesh) Ltd and worked there on procurement policies and financial decision making for fifteen years. 

Moreover, Mr. Chowdhury has been working with venture capital investment in Bangladesh for quite long time. Two international journal of him have been published namely on “Fund raising in start-up with venture capital” and “The future growth of venture capital in Bangladesh”. The areas of his interest are also in Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Corporate finance, Financial Modelling, Venture capital financing, Business opportunity and ideas and Investment Banking. 

He has got nineteen years working experiences, out of which fifteen years in multinational organization, as simultaneous, eight years as adjunct faculty member in the private universities, five years as professional trainer and consultant. Being a Consultant, a teaching professional and extensive experience in a multinational organization, he is keen in consultancy services to corporate world and eager to share his knowledge to individuals who want to improve their financial and management skill and contributes to their own organization.

November 22 & 23, 2019
09:30 am - 05:30 pm
2 Days
Reg. Before
November 19, 2019
NRB Jobs Training Center
NRB Jobs Training reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.
Per Perticipant
BDT 6,000/- 

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