MS Excel - 2016 for Students & Management Trainees

MS Excel - 2016 for Students & Management Trainees

Course Background
Microsoft Excel is the most essential and powerful application of Microsoft Office package. We can make our routine and special jobs easier if we have comprehensive knowledge in excel like common to advanced tools, functions, shortcuts, various productive tips & tricks. Managers and executives having excellent spreadsheet knowledge can change the organization’s financial position and grow up in career faster than others. The students can get job quickly if they have good knowledge in Excel because most of the interviewers ask regarding their MS Excel proficiency. This professional training has been designed for those who have just joined and want to gather the most common Excel features that will help them to grow their professional career quicker than others.

After Completion the Training You will be Able to
•   Work with excel independently.
•   Write critical formula, and nest it with other functions.
•   Map your database to generate reports for your boss
•   Make your report with smart graphs that can be easy to understand for the decision makers.
•   Use the techniques to handle millions of data and process calculations fast.
•   Create Link with various external data sources.
•   Secure your master file using restriction and protection.
•   Know when and how errors happen and how to handle
•   Summarize data using various functions from large data.
•   Prepare dynamic interactive dashboard.
•   Prepare excel automation using basic features.
•   Prove yourself as a difference among your colleagues

Learning Methodologies
•   Presentation with MS Excel 2016
•   Hand working with real case study
•   Completely interactive and participative
•   Problem solving, Practical projects and Brainstorming
•   Open discussion (Q & A session)

Who should Attend?
This course is designed for the students, management trainees and productive executives who want to gather widespread knowledge in excel and want to become as an awesome excel pro.

Contents of this Training

Day 01:

Introduction and Making Familiar MS Excel

  • Introduction and Ice breaking
  • What Excel can do and limitation of Excel
  • Example of some awesome Excel workbook
  • Customizing the ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Making familiar the all tools in Excel with productive tips & shortcuts

Start Working with MS Excel

  • Clear concept of save and Save As
  • Inserting/deleting a column/row using shortcut
  • Techniques to resize row height and column width within seconds
  • Sheet copying/moving in the same workbook or any other workbook

Most Common Formatting

  • Format your report within just 30 seconds professionally!
  • Knowing which format is appropriate
  • Number formatting for your report
  • Handling negative/positive values
  • Date formatting and carefulness
  • Magic to use the format painter
  • Various shortcut keys for cell formatting

Day 02:

Managing Sheets, Page Setup, Page Layout and Printing

  • Sheet preparing to print with various customizations
  • Pages, Gridlines, Panes Freezing
  • Various customizations for page layouts and views
  • Repeat the top row on every page
  • Print Preview and Printing page professionally

Formula Referencing

  • Clear concept for using dollar sign (A4, $A4, A$4, $A$4)
  • Managing cell reference with complex formula in easy rule with shortcut key
  • Learn the techniques to use appropriate referencing and save time

Multi-Level Basic & Advanced Sorting & Filtering

  • Various multi-level data sorting & filtering
  • Advanced customized data filtering techniques

Day 03:

Reporting Using PivotTable, PivotChart and Slicers

  • Data mapping to prepare a PivotTable
  • General rules to prepare a PivotTable
  • Drill-down feature in PivotTable
  • Customizing PivotTables to make it dynamic
  • PivotChart – Link with your PivotTable for great presentation

Some Essential Functions to Re-Structure Raw Data

  • Joining multiple cells
  • Extracting the required portion from unstructured data
  • Removing unwanted extra spaces from your large data
  • Convert a cell text to your required case

Logical Functions and Operators

  • IF() Condition and expression of logical test
  • Use of AND, OR and NOT
  • Nested IF() with other functions

Day 04:

Conditional Formatting – Let Excel to format your cells

  • Format automatically when your required criteria meet true
  • Using multiple Conditional Formatting in a range
  • Using Data Bars, color scales and icon sets for great presentation

Lookup & References

  • Vertical Lookup function- VLOOKUP
  • Horizontal Lookup function- HLOOKUP
  • Complex uses of VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP

Data Summarization and Consolidation

  • Design and prepare summarized report matching multiple condition

Day 05:

Graphical Presentation (Chart/Graph)

  • Choosing the right chart for your data
  • Column chart, bar chart, pie chart and other charts
  • Customizing layout and design of the charts

Errors and Error Handling

  • Recognizing errors and when those happen
  • Circular references-when it happens and how to remove
  • IFERROR & ISERROR functions

Data Validation and Worksheet Protection

  • Protect your worksheet so that users have limited use of Excel
  • Locking and protecting cells
  • Creating drop-down on the sheet
  • Restriction incorrect data entry with data validations
  • Create your Workbook/worksheet password protected

Day 06:

Consolidated review session

Rifat Rahmatullah

Rifat Rahmatullah

HR & MIS Specialist

Mr. Rifat is dedicated and co-operative with years of experience in HR and MIS in the IT and ITES Industry.  Currently, he is working as HR Business Partner at Mars Solutions Ltd., a concern of Pandughar Group since 2017. Prior to join in Mars, he worked for Service Engine Ltd. under the umbrella of Abdul Monem Limited in various management positions in HR & MIS department.

He is expert in developing automated Excel dashboard, VBA/Macro based Excel application, various problem solving methods in excel, integration between Excel and other databases, different data Analysis tools and data analysis dashboard using Business Intelligence (BI) tools, KPI automation etc.

Mr. Rifat has recently completed Advanced Certificate for Management Professionals (ACMP 4.0) from IBA, Dhaka University. In education life, he has completed MBA from BRAC University and BBA from United International University with the Major in Human Resource Management.

March 23 to April 08, 2019
06:00 pm - 08:00 pm
6 Days
Reg. Before
March 17, 2019
NRB Jobs Training Center
NRB Jobs Training reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.
Per Perticipant
BDT 1,500/- 

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