Blockchain for Supply Chain Professionals

Blockchain for Supply Chain Professionals


Blockchain technology is profoundly changing many aspects of modernworld, such as how the internet works & represents a fundamentallynew way to transact business. They usher in a robust and smart nextgeneration of applications for the registry and exchange of physical,virtual, tangible, and intangible assets. This program will explore thepotential for Blockchain technology to redefine the way theprocurement & supply chain activities are created and run.


ISM-INDIA’s training methodology and approach to transferring knowledge is constantly reviewed and updated. We ensure that we bring the most up to date teaching methods and techniques to our courses. We strongly believe that actively engaged participants will absorb and retain knowledge far more successfully than those who attend lecture style courses. Where material is contextualised and relevant to the participants’ own experiences, understanding is significantly improved.


  • All the participants will be honored with certificate of participation after the training.
  • The program will be followed by an online test and the candidates will be awarded with the title of ABP (Accredited Blockchain Professional) on completion of the same.

Course Content

  • Blockchain origin & Objectives
  • What is Blockchain, exactly?
  • How does the Blockchain network works?
  • What are the key benefits of Blockchain Technology?
  • What are its uses in Procurement & Supply Chain?
  • P2P Systems
  • Hashpointers & Data Structures
  • Advanced Smart Contract
  • Mining Explained
  • Understand its uses in Procurement & Supply chain.
  • Blockchain Challenges
Krishan K. Batra

Krishan K. Batra

President & CEO

Institute for Supply Management (ISM), India

Krishan Batra has diverse experience of 4 decades in the field of Technology & SCM. He enjoys engaging people in sustainable transformation and inspiring business excellence. He has travelled to 85 countries in the world and has exposure to the public sector worldwide.

He started his career with Voltas after completing M.Tech from IIT Delhi. Later he completed MBA from Syracuse University in USA. He has worked with UN organization as a Chairperson of the Supply Chain and was instrumental in re-engineering business processes and implementing ERP worldwide. He is the developer of UNSPSC which is global standard for coding goods and services. He also worked with the UN organization at Ghana. He was the founder and content developer for the World Bank’s PDPP certification.

He has written Shipping Guide and developed compendium to develop generic specifications for goods and services. He is actively involved in promoting professionalism in the field of Procurement & Supply Chain Management.

April 26, 2019
09:30 am - 05:30 pm
1 Day
Reg. Before
April 21, 2019
To Be Confirmed
NRB Jobs Training reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.
Per Perticipant
BDT 10,000/- 

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Institute for Supply Management (ISM), India