The International Power Negotiator

The International Power Negotiator

The International Power Negotiator (I.P.N.) deals with every negotiation situation and all negotiators in the field and at the office. We all want something, and the surprising thing is some get them and other don't, Why? Why are you not getting what you want? it doesn't matter if you are a female using girl-power or a man using masculine power. You asked for it and they should give it, Right!

The I.P.N. is all about the why not, and the how to. Any International Negotiator, knows the tools needed for negotiations, but only a few use all the tools because they have the Power Negotiation POWER TOOLs and they use them.

  • Do you want to be an International Power Negotiator?
  • Do you have what it takes to become the very best in your area of negotiations?
  • Are you willing to go through this two day, highly intensive, power negotiations programme?

The programme has several exercises and discussions on negotiations along with tips and tricks used by power negotiators around the world. During the International Power Negotiator Programme, you will be asked to lie and tell the truth to determine facial and body tell signs, you will also understand why people lie and why they tell the truth.

The Power Negotiator's Methodologies:

Not everyone learns the same way and yet we all have a tendency to remember certain things about our education. The point here is that because we learn using either ‘Visual’, ‘Auditory’, ‘Taste’, ‘Somatically', and 'Smell’.
The introducer – trainer, facilitator must deliver both Visually and Auditorially these five information retention senses.

This can only be achieved with the use of these Psychosomatic methodologies listed below:

  1. NLP Neuro-Linguistic programming.
  2. The Random Input methodology.
  3. Mind Mapping with Lineal – lateral – Chaos thinking Methodology.
  4. Workshop – Seminar Classroom methodology.

In the use of these methodologies it will able to create a safe and meaningful learning workshop seminar giving high attention to memory and recall, as well as the belief in oneself to achieve goals through anticipation of achievement.

An Exercise packed 3 day workshop.
What you will take away with you:

  1. A well establish intermediate understanding of body language.
  2. A well established intermediate understanding of speech patterns.
  3. An understanding of choice in clothing.
  4. know the Wiley woman.
  5. Understand lying.
  6. Able to tell the difference between lying and inability.
  7. Understand matching for gain.
  8. Understanding Mirroring for acceptance.
  9. know your Mind-Slip words and use them.
  10. Understand the benefits of concessions.
  11. Know the reasons for modifications to widgets.
  12. Understand Variance.
  13. Being prepared for the negotiation.
  14. belief in who's in charge.
  15. understanding of deception prevention.

The International Power Negotiator Content:
Psychometric personality.

  • Psychometric Company assessment.
    • What is your personality?
    • What is your companies Personality
    • Do you push the company ?
    • Does the Company push you?
  • Introduction to Negotiations.
    • basic principles of Negotiation
    • Understanding the Widget
    • Understand the power of Concessions.
    • Do variable really count?
    • The power of the buyer
    • The power of the end user.
  • Introduction to Body Language
    • Why body language counts.
    • What is Mind Speak.
    • What is Body talk.
  • Neuro Linguistic Mind Setting.
    • The path from the eye to the mouth.
    • The path from the body to the eye.
  • Eye Pattern Movement.
    • Can you really be a lie detector.?
    • Are the eyes the Path to the soul OR Mirror of the mind.
  • Feet Placement & Movement.
    • The way of sitting down.
    • The way of standing up.
    • The way of walking.
    • You - your Mind and your big toe
  • Speech Patterns.
    • Mind Slip words.
    • Mental Word Mapping.
    • Do you hear your own words?
    • Can you swallow your words?
  • How to use Intonation to your advantage.
    • Intonation Understanding.
    • Does Intonation have value in speach?
    • Can you excite others with intonation?
  • How to use Inflection to your advantage.
    • Inflection Understanding.
    • What is Inflection.
    • Why does Inflection count.
  • Understand Body Walk.
    • Walking & Body movement.
    • Walking & Talking.
    • Memory & Walking.
  • Dress for Deception.
    • Understand the Dress for Success statement.
    • Understand the Dress for the Job You Want Statement.
    • The Mind and One colour - Stripes - patchwork
Dr. Arayan Richard M. Jenkins

Dr. Arayan Richard M. Jenkins

A Leading Change Management and Disruptive Environment Specialist


A Leading Change Management and Disruptive Environment Specialist in Australia.

ISO9001:2008 Accredited Trainer, Program Developer-EU10210141014.

A World Leading Authority of Disruptive Change Management; Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins, an Australian lead instructor for 3 Governments and over 700 companies around the world.

Dr Arayan Richard Jenkins, PhD Ed. Admin, M.Sc. Sociolinguistic Science – Neurolinguistic Science & Morphophonemics. Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners License, Certified Trainer ~ Great Britain, USA, Australia & Malaysia. Accredited Facilitator, Emcee, Trainer & Mentor ISO9001:2015.

Dr Arayan Richard as he is known, is the son of a Welsh Envoy from Her majesty’s Government of Great Britain and Born in Australia, gained his education at the Southern Cross University Australia, Leeds of London University and the University of Texas, bringing that diverse business outlook into his Seminars along with the vast inter-cultural view, gained through the multi-plexed interplay with citizens & employees from around the world and the interactions with Gender, Nationality & Age within the organizations that Arayan Richard assisted along the way.

Dr Arayan Richard, has been dealing with change all his life and professionally for 25 years. He has operated three different companies as the CEO of two and the COO of one. Dr. Arayan helped over 10,000 staff from various companies and between 250 and 500 different Managers in multiple function and disciplines. I have had the pleasure of guiding; though Mentorships, 27 CEOs of various companies from around the world. From Aluminium Production Manufacturing to Government controlled Library and the Project Managers, from the UAE to Saudi Arabia across to Bahrain up to Egypt and down to Sudan, Chad and Nigeria; Back over to the South East Asian area of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia, I have traveled to China under a direct need from a company facing disruption caused by piracy and down to Hong Kong with a company hit by Diversity Disruption.

Program Knowledge Areas

  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Succession Planning
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Health & Well Being
  • Delegation Skills
  • Language Acquisition Skills
  • English Language Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Administrative Skills Analysis
  • Employee Retention Analytics
  • Writing Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Academic English
  • Business English
  • Emcee Skills
  • Train The Trainer Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Analytical Management Skills
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training Needs Analytics
  • Hospitality Staff Training

February 28 & 29, 2020
09:30 am - 05:30 pm
2 Days
Reg. Before
February 25, 2020
NRB Jobs Training Center
NRB Jobs Training reserves the right to alter dates, content, venue and trainer.
Per Perticipant
BDT 12,000/- 

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